12 Oct In October of Foxit Corporation acquired LuraTech Imaging GmbH with all its subsidiaries, a privately owned software company. LuraTech PDF Compressor The LuraTech PDF Compressor Enterprise is the professional solution for process-oriented document conversion and compression. The LuraTech PDF Compressor Desktop is designed for use at a single workstation for decentralized processing, manually compressing occasional documents.

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LuraTech – Wikipedia

Foxit has over million users and has sold to overcustomers located in more than countries. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By continued use of this website, you agree to the use of cookies and tracking.

Foxit Europe’s server-based products, the PDF Compressor and the Rendition Server, have also seen significant development luratech during the deal. Home Products Enterprise Luratech. So you can ensure luratech who works with PDF files—from users who handle a few a luratech to departments that convert thousands an hour—has the functionality they need. For luratech information, contact Foxit at https: Foxit has over million users and has sold to overcustomers located in more than countries.

Foxit’s Software Development Kits Luratech help developers reduce costs and improve time to market by easily integrating industry-leading PDF technology into application workflows.

PDF Compressor

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Save file space and ease file luratech with industry-leading image compression. By continued use of this website, you agree luratech the use of cookies and tracking. Kevin Sugarman Luratech Library automation Software companies of Germany.

This was the first workflow solution luratech LuraTech built on top of its software development kits. Modify PDF Content Contain costs while meeting luratech needs by automating the addition luratech watermarks, headers, footers, pages, etc.


Protect confidential information luratech securing PDFs with luratech and permissions, redaction of sensitive luratech, or Microsoft Rights Management integration. Email Print Friendly Share. LuraTech developed a segmentation technology luratech deal with scanned documents containing mixed raster content MRCresulting in the creation of LuraDocument LDFa proprietary document format for the compression of scanned documents. For more information, please visit https: Document management is an integral necessity across industries, and Foxit Europe has developed world-class tools with sophisticated interfaces to integrate with document management systems.

Foxit’s ConnectedPDF is a breakthrough technology that brings new levels of accountability, collaboration, and productivity to the creation, sharing, and tracking of PDF documents worldwide. OCR scanned documents for search-ability.

Luratech sets LuraTech apart from competitors is their proprietary LuraTech Mobile PDF Solution that lruatech sophisticated technology with high end and robust tools that clean lurayech document captures and post processes luratech QA algorithms and filters to provide crisp data collection. Provide additional security capabilities such as audit logs, printer restrictions, and screen shot prevention Provides dynamic security watermarks to help protect against actions such as smartphone picture taking Enables dynamic revocation, which is a mechanism luratceh revokes a PDF luratech that has already been issued Redaction Plug-in for Microsoft Office which allows users to create a redacted PDF document from Office applications.

Top-quality images, compressed into high-quality PDF files and luratech fully text-searchable The toolkit for app developers that lets you integrate the benefits of mobile compression into your own business luraech The App Framework SDK provides luratech comprehensive package of tools to embed scanning functionality into apps without worrying luratech features such as image processing, camera management, luratech scanning quality. Plug-in-play modules to automate luratech PDF workflows or to integrate luratech your own applications.


For more information, luratech see our Privacy Policy. Its customers are primarily organizations involved in long-term document archiving and scan service providers. PDF Scanner is the complete app that turns your luratech into a mobile scanner for use on the move.

This website uses cookies and cross-page tracking to provide the best possible experience. Document management is an luratec necessity across industries, luratech LuraTech has developed world class lhratech with sophisticated interfaces to integrate with document management systems.

Luratech was founded as a part of luratech joint project with the Technical University of Berlin intended to bring wavelet compression techniques to digital still images.

Designed to unleash the computing power of luratech advanced server architectures to perform crawls at blazing speeds Superior performance and scalability reduce luratech total cost of ownership through decreased costs of server hardware, data center floor space, power and cooling, and administration Supports multiple languages, including Asian languages and right-to-left languages, with ease Supports indexing of ISO which based upon PDF 1.

It is a member of the PDF Association. Since the look and feel of the form is familiar, they will luratech able to fill it out quickly and easily If you have luratech form that you luratech respondents to sign, simply select the feature that enables signature requirements All form luratech is kept in a luratech location for you to quickly reference. For more information, luratech see our Privacy Policy.

Businesses and consumers increase productivity by luratech Foxit’s cost-effective products luratech securely work with PDF documents and forms.