Kurt Atterberg. Publisher: AMP. Piano Concerto in B-flat minor. Work Notes. Available in the USA and Canada only. Publisher. Breitkopf und Härtel. Category. Atterberg: Piano Concerto, Etc / Derwinger, Et Al with Derwinger, Love on CD. Order from your Concerto for Piano in B flat minor, Op. 37 by Kurt Atterberg. Kurt Atterberg’s Piano Concerto in B Flat minor hides behind preeminent Nordic composer Edvard Grieg’s shadow. Grieg is given most credit.

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I also prefer the couplings: Atterberg was born in Gothenburg. It is the second movement, however, where Atterberg himself shines, as he finds his own sound. In context, missing that extra umph to keep modern listeners on their toes, Piano Concerto in B Flat Minor ‘s obscurity is atterbert. On 1 Music Lists. In particular, the slightly less frantic, but even more rhythmically emphatic approach to the last movement carries the music Read more forward with every bit as much conviction and less suspicion of embarrassment.

The symphony was performed by Arturo Toscanini induring an NBC Symphony Orchestra broadcast concert; a performance which Krt praised on hearing the recorded broadcast.

Kurt Atterberg – Wikipedia

You have to be logged in to post a comment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the th anniversary of the death of Schubert inthe Columbia Graphophone Company sponsored a worldwide symphony competition in which composers were to write a symphony completing, or inspired by, Schubert’s “Unfinished” Symphony.

Six years later he was elected president of the society, maintaining the position until His mother, Elvira Uddman, was the daughter of a famous male opera singer. The Royal Academy of Music set up an inquiry of Atterberg at his own request.

Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. List of compositions by Kurt Atterberg. Atterberg entered his Symphony No.

While already studying electrical engineering at the Royal Institute of OurtAtterberg also enrolled at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm in with a score of his Rhapsody and an incomplete version of his Symphony No.


Atterberg never hesitated to pass the German contacts he established over the years to his Swedish colleagues, or to work for Swedish works constructed in Germany.

His String Quartet No. He conducted his own works in Germany, sometimes with famous orchestras; and a number of famous German conductors built on Atterberg’s symphonies. He accepted a post at the Swedish Patent and Registration Office ingoing on atterherg become a head of department inand working there until his retirement in His Ninth Symphony entitled Sinfonia Visionaria was, like Beethoven’s, scored for orchestra and chorus with vocal soloists.

Biography portal Classical music portal. Strongly recommended- this disk is very good!!

That said, this is wonderful out of context. Still, if you just sit back and wallow in its billowing excess, there’s much fun to be had, and this performance improves on its predecessor being better played by both soloist and orchestra, and better recorded. Notes and Editorial Reviews Atterberg’s piano concerto, as I noted in discussing its previous incarnation on Sterling, comes perilously close to self-parody.

The perfect gift for the classical music enthusiasts! Atterberg takes from Russian compositional styles, so undertones of Rachmaninoff, specifically, ring fairly clear. The investigation could neither confirm nor refute the accusations that he was a Nazi sympathizer.

Kurt Atterberg – Piano Concerto in B flat minor () (album review ) | Sputnikmusic

Fort23 October 22nd Comments. The endless Romantic heaving and gesticulating, capped by a finale whose main kutr sounds like a demented cross between two Tom Lehrer tunes “Be Prepared” and “The Irish Ballad”may well make it hard for some listeners to take seriously believe me, Atterberg was dead serious.

This recording can help fill the category of Northern Realm, those coutries located close to the Arctic Circle. During the Third Reich era, Conderto maintained contact with German composers and music bodies, in order to strengthen Swedish-German music relations.

However, many composers still created Romantic styled works during classical Modernism’s ascendancy; for this reason, many hidden gems that reflect older Romantic and Impressionist styles exist buried beneath new trends.


Indeed, the Ballad and Passacaglia, based on a Swedish folk tune, could very well become a popular hit. Kanye West The Life of Pablo. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Atterberg in fact seems to hearken back to the previous golden era of lush Romantic Age European piano concertos; at least that’s the impression I had after hearing this recording for the first time.

In conclusion, this concerto is undeniably beautiful, but Atterberg’s mindset perhaps warrants examination. Review This Title Share on Facebook.

Kurt Atterberg

ShakerFaker October 22nd Comments. Nonetheless, people should listen to this, because it is everything that Romantic piano concertos were.

Grieg is given most credit for Nordic influences in Western classical music. In the last few minutes of the first movement, Pesante Allegro, the Russianisms are especially apparent; the movement weighs down, pushing onward with momentum, but not losing character. Usually ships in 24 hours. InAtterberg began learning the cellohaving been inspired by a concert by the Brussels String Quartet, featuring a performance of Beethoven ‘s String Quartet No.

Login Create a Profile. Six years later he became a performer in the Stockholm Concert Society, now known as the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestraas well as publishing his first completed work, the Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra, Op. He earned his engineering diploma a year later, as well as being awarded a State Music Fellowship. The two bookend pieces are both 10 minute musical statements with distinctive characters.

Other jobs taken on by Atterrberg included his work as a music critic for the Stockholms Tidningen from toand as secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music from to In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Atferberg a letter to Pergament, Atterberg wrote: