Hypocrea lixii Pat., Revue Mycologique Toulouse 13 (51): () [MB# ]. Hypocrea lixii. Trichoderma harzianum is one of the most widely studied microorganisms for the production of chitinases. From: Bioprocessing for Value- Added. Synonym, Hypocrea lixii. Other names, ›CBS ›CBS ›CBS ; CPK ›CBS ; DCDSL 83/03 ›CBS More». ›CBS

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While various studies have suggested that T. The connection was confirmed by DNA sequence analysis. Samuels, United States Dept. Biological control in greenhouse systems. On SNA conidia forming 48—72 h; after 96 h conidial production typically abundant lixji a few concentric rings; conidia forming in the aerial mycelium and in cottony pustules; pustules becoming confluent and sometimes the confluent pustules covering extensive areas, conidia gray hypoccrea to dark green in mass.

A revision of the genus Trichoderma.

Hypocrea lixii, the teleomorph of Trichoderma harzianum – Semantic Scholar

In contrast, TEF1 of T. To the memory of Emory G. Commune de Saul, Mont. Conidiation starting after 24 d; first effuse on simple verticillium-like conidiophores, soon followed by the formation of numerous loose, cottony, roundish or amorphous tufts or pustules up to 1—2 mm diam in a broad distant or marginal zone, partly confluent. Measurements of continuous characters such as length and width were made with the ,ixii Image beta 4.

The phylogenetic analyses show that the T. Trichoderma harzianum Rifai aggr. Myths and dogmas of biocontrol.


Hypocrea – Wikipedia

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Showing of 14 references. On PDA after 96 h at 25 C under 12 h photoperiod aerial mycelium abundant, cottony, conidia developing within 72 h beginning at the inoculation point and progressing in distinct concentric rings with the youngest and newly formed conidia at the colony margin; a brown diffusing pigment developing after 48 h at 35 C; hypocreq with a sweet odor.

If you would like to know more about cookies and how they work, please visit www. Endophytic fungi in grasses and woody plants: Genomewide RAD sequence data provide unprecedented resolution of species boundaries and relationships in the Lake Victoria cichlid adaptive radiation.

Contributions toward a mycobiota of Indonesia. The remaining strains come from sources that range from Europe, Ghana, Indonesia and China typeand a diversity of substrates wood of various tree species, fungi, soil. Oxford Surv Evol Biol.

Hypocrea lixii, the teleomorph of Trichoderma harzianum

Cultures were incubated in darkness up to 1 wk or until the colony covered the agar surface. Hypocrea is a genus of fungi in the family Hypocreaceae. Most of their isolates are T.

The longest phialides are found in T. The taxonomy for the T. For this reason a more conservative species concept was adopted. Ascospores green, warted, bicellular, disarticulating at the septum to form 16 part spores per asci, dimorphic, distal part spores subglobose, ovoid or subovoid with truncate base and rounded apex, 3.


Conidiophores pyramidal with closely spaced, opposing branches; each branch terminating in a cruciate whorl of up to five phialides. Conidiophores pyramidal with opposing closely spaced branches, the main axis and each branch terminating in a cruciate to slightly verticillate whorl of up to five phialides.

Detailed protocols are described in various publications Chaverri and SamuelsChaverri et al. The average conidium dimensions of all members are 2.

Conidiophores pyramidal with opposing branches, each branch terminating in a cruciate whorl of up to five phialides; phialides frequently solitary or in a whorl of two or three. Conidiophores pyramidal, with often opposing, often somewhat widely spaced branches, the main axis and each branch terminating in a cruciate, sometimes verticillate, whorl of up to four phialides.

Trichoderma guizhouense includes one such subclade with strains from Europe and another subclade only with endophytes of wild trees of Cola altissima in Africa. This will help to protect your privacy. Chaverri, Mycologia 3: This same phenomenon applies to T. Phialides lixli to lageniform, 4. On PDA mycelium covering the plate after 5—6 d at 25 C.