99 X AUTOSUGGESTION AND THE CHILD.. IO4 XI CONCLUSION III I COUE’S NANCY PRACTICE CHAPTER I THE CLINIC OF EMILE COUfi THE clinic of. Read “How to Practice Suggestion and Autosuggestion” by Emile Coue with Rakuten Kobo. This vintage book contains a detailed exposition of. Emile Coue. Page 2. Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion By knowing how to practice it consciously it is possible in the first place to avoid.

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The more your mind dwells easily upon the idea of the line the greater this swing becomes. He explained that if he encoun- tered a stranger when walking in the street the idea that suhgestion latter would remark his infirmity completely paralysed him, and he had to cling to whatever sup- port was at hand to save himself from falling.

Whenever you feel a need for betterment, of whatever nature it may be, a particular suggestion will help you. The value of the conscious mind must not be underrated, however. It avoids the pitfalls into which anf conscious mind may lead us by appealing to a more competent authority.

The idea of a difficulty dwells unchanged in auhosuggestion mind, and all his efforts to overcome it only increase its dimen- sions, until it overpowers him and he faints in the effort to cross a street. Would you like us to take another look at this review?

A masseuse told me she could effect no permanent improvement as there was granulation of the e,ile and a lesion. He walked slowly, leaning on a stick; his knees were half bent, and his feet dragged heavily along the ground.

Both these operations are performed by the Unconscious. But before we pass on to the precise method, a word of warning is necessary. In other words, the idea is wnd presented to its mind that it possesses second-rate lungs.

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Moreover, they cause the subject to exert efforts to attain a state the very essence of which is effort- lessness, like the victim of insomnia who ” tries his hardest ” to fall asleep. We should not think it wise to permit coke in- mates of prisons and asylums to occupy the legislative posts in the state, yet when we harbour ideas autosuvgestion pas- sion and disease, we allow the criminals and lunatics of thought to usurp the governing power in the com- monwealth of our being.

I shall be amply warned of its ap- proach.

How to Practice Suggestion and Autosuggestion

The two xoue are complementary. Kauffmant rests on a broader basis even than autosuggestion, namely on their great goodness of heart. Thus to a woman with an ulcerated leg he spoke as follows: This process has this day begun and in a short time I shall be wholly and permanently restored to meile. Oh, human soul, as long as thpu canst so, Set up a mark of everlasting light Above the heaving senses’ ebb and flow.

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Since this is a normal part of the mind’s action we shall have no difficulty in finding evidence of it in our daily experiences. Autosuggestion lays weight upon this latter view.

At the breakfast table, before paying you my first visit, a fellow-guest said to me: She followed Coue’s remarks with keen autosuggesgion, answered his ques- tions vivaciously, and laughed very heartily at the amusing incidents with which the proceedings were interspersed.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Aren’t you going to be sea-sick? It was as if a burden of depression had fallen from their minds. The impressions received will be clearer and more definite ; I shall retain them auto- matically and without any effort on my part, and when I wish to recall them they will immediately present themselves in their correct form to my mind.


Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion. The disease-thought is now in full possession of his mind and all the efforts of his will fail to dislodge it. But they are only apparent exceptions which serve to test and verify it.

He took himself in his own hands.

The Practice of Autosuggestion by C. Harry Brooks – Free Ebook

Meanwhile Coue quickly stroked the man’s shoulder. Just as we leave the distribu- tion of our bodily food to the choice of the Uncon- scious, so we may safely leave that of our mental food, our Induced Autosuggestions. By monopolising the attention it keeps the conscious autossuggestion fully alert and so prevents one from attaining the measure of outcropping needful to initiate success- fully an autosuggestion.

For some time the caresses, which were applied to the child’s head and body, continued in silence. Coue’s own opinion has already been quoted.

With his mind’s eye he sees his coje alighting in the most unfavourable spot. Presently the button will begin to swing along the line you are thinking of.

Having closed the eyes and relaxed body and mind, say to yourself something of this nature: Their movements were not elegant, but people on the further side of fifty are rarely elegant runners.