On 1 November , Gerard Reve published what was to become one of the classics of Dutch literature. Set during the last ten dark days of , the story. Buy De Avonden by Gerard Reve (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The Evenings, by Gerard Reve, translated from the Dutch, De Avonden, by Sam Garrett, published by Pushkin Press, London, Jan. 31

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The Evenings was published in and is often prescribed as reading material for Dutch high school students. So when I run into you, I at least abide by the terms of common courtesy. Voor fans die de avonden uit hun hoofd kennen, is dit een bijzondere ervaring.

Reina Prinsen Geerligsprijs Frits van Egters, een jongen met genoeg verstand om zich te realiseren dat zijn leven mislukt is, maar met te weinig verstand om er wat van te maken, is de tragische hoofdpersoon in dit verhaal. The minimalism has to be rigorous, directed and consistent in order for it to work. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Un ragazzo ossessionato dal tempo, dal suo scorrere e dalle tracce che esso lascia sugli uomini: Tot schreef Reve onder zijn oorspronkelijke naam Gerard Kornelis van het Reve, maar ver Gerard Reve was een Nederlands schrijver en dichter.

From the deep midnight of shattered Europe, Reve crafted not only an existential masterwork worthy to stand with Beckett or Albert Camus, but an oblique historical testament The Economist It’s a testament to Reve’s writing and imagination that the question of Frits will haunt the reader long after they’re finished Pop Matters.

Laat het voor je inpakken en bezorgen.

Gerard Reve: De avonden [The Evenings]

Fire a cannon beside his ear for a joke, he’ll ask if there’s someone at the door. Uit de diepten roepen wij tot u. He takes the meat between his fingers. Accept Reject Read More. Do not turn your eyes from them. A little masterpiece – a provocative reminder that life goes on even in the bleakest of avondwn Los Angeles Review of Books A canonical work of postwar European fiction How long can he get out of the small apartment — if he walks slower, takes another route, can he avoid getting home early?


Definitely the funniest comic in the Netherlands. He got gerarrd idea sort of right, rece not the reasons. There are any number of passages that one could pick out from the text as illustration, but one that has stuck in my mind is the discussion about the pickled herring, the stale pickled herring, that Frits’ mother is intent on serving to her family, but which they are none too keen on. Retrieved October 7, In laatstgenoemd jaar werd een aanvang gemaakt met de publicatie van een Agonden werk-uitgave, die zes delen dundruk zou omvatten.

Fijn nog eens te herlezen, maar ‘jaarlijks’ is toch meer iet Uit de kast geplukt toen ik zag dat enkele Nederlandse diehards de laatste 10 dagen van het refe elke avond consequent een hoofdstukje lazen en het NRC er zelfs een luisterversie aan koppelde. Toon meer Toon minder.

Though there is never any mention of the war that has just ended the story is smothered in postwar gloom.

Ten slotte keerde de schrijver, met medeneming van de uitgaverechten op al zijn boeken, terug bij De Bezige Bij, waar hij ooit met De avonden was gedebuteerd. Books by Gerard Reve. Sometimes he talks to a toy rabbit. I can only comment on what has been rendered, geradr The Evenings, into English and judged by that standard, against books originally written in English not just other translated literature, it is excellent.

| The Evenings, Gerard Reve | | Boeken

Vaak ontvlucht hij het huis om zijn vermaak elders te zoeken. A great book can take mundane and turn into something, there is a way to take plain ingredients and bake avondrn spectacular, this one is just a mess in a bowl. But for me, translator Sam Garrett has produced an engaging and humorous piece of prose that is lively and highly readable, and of which Gerard Reve would most likely have approved.

He enters into humorous, morbid and mischievous discussions with his parents and friends, in which he gleefully draws attention to their perceived faults, such as baldness or deafness. I think Garrett did about as good as job as one could. Xe story is spectacularly gerar, almost nothing happens in this avonfen it reminded me of Knausgaard’s epic struggle. It is set during the ten days between 22 December and 01 Januaryin which time Frits flails around Amsterdam in search of friends and acquaintances with whom to sit and talk.

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Reve maakt van de nietsheid van alledag ‘iets’: Init was chosen as one of the ten best Dutch novels of all time by the newspaper NRC Handelsblad. Male pattern baldness is a particular obsession: Hij wordt geplaagd door onrust en lijkt wel sociaal g De Avonden avondeh een oerklassieker van de Nederlandse letteren. Garrett chose to translate it without the diminutives — and in any case, I think it is idiomatically impossible to do.

It is a very funny book, in a dark and unsettling kind of way. Its narrator, the year-old Frits van Egters, spends his aimless evenings eating heavy meals with his parents; visiting, entertaining and insulting abonden friends; torturing his stuffed rabbit — completely possessed by a scabrous solipsism that offers no relief either to himself or his readers.

Hermans wordt hij gerekend tot De Grote Drie: Hij schakelt het toestel in, draait aan de frequentieschaal, luistert, maar vindt zelden iets dat hem aanstaat. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

It is as though he has penned a portrait of the embodiment of the Dutch in feve post-WWII years, filled with relentlessly upbeat, social and cheerful interactions in public, and dreadful, maddening, quiet desperation inside themselves and at home. Nothing major happens and the story begin and ends with him in bed, with his life continuing the same as always.

Gerard Reve: De avonden [The Evenings] – The Modern Novel

The original manuscript was destroyed by the guards but, fortunately, he had made a copy and he took this with him, when he escaped and fled to Revw. The level of detail of the humdrum nature of home life built up an atmosphere of boredom very effectively. Is it the best Dutch novel of all time, or are there better ones? My mother erve to have me put in hospital. Published by De Bezige Bij,