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We kill flies, because they bother us, we boil lobsters alive, because cqrmela is more tasty that way, we kill mice with poison or tramps because we don’t want them at home. Una especia menos, pero no los mateis!!! Hay otras fiestas en el mundo las cuales son mas crueles. That of the chickens, cows, rabbits etc. There is a very distinct line between eating meat and taunting these bovines to death.

Pariis, stop making ridiculous arguments and keep your religious shit to yourselves. I specially don’t like bullfighting but I hallucinate you only have one vision!!

Have you seen a bullfight? Don’t wish death on your fellow human beings folks. And to those who say they are happy with they death of people Killing is no tradition. Coments 71 andYou equate mercilessly torturing bulls cuira picking flowers?

Cada vez somos mas y algun algun dia acabaremos con esta crueldad prehistorica,justificada solo por intereses economicos,pasadas generaciones y palurdos profundos. If you do not like this, do not go to the streets or to the bullfighting arenas, do not watch this photos of bulls being killed and men being injured and killed by bulls. Me alegro de ser canario donde las plazas de toros no son salas de torura, donde se mata a un animal para la alegria y beneplacito de cientos de mirones.


It’s some kind of bull SHIT if you get any honor out of that! It never will stop surprising me the iliteracy and lack of respect in the country of freedom?

Don’t like the vision of blood but know from some close people that it’s oojos to aliviate the bull blood’s preassure as stated by comment cuid Sois MUY jovenes y no teneis tradiciones ni historia, mas alla de todo lo relacionado con guerras y armas.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. I know I do, but at least I admit it. I do not like bullfights but I do not see them cruel. By this, I mean that it can never be solved pparis a comment’s debate Los toreros siempre presumen de ser muy hombres por enfrentarse a los toros.

To all who yellin’ here to stop Bullfighting, I say this: Se protege a los animales en general pero en cambio a los toros los torturamos y lo vendemos como show. The blood of the bulls is on every one of the spectator’s hands.

Carmela Paris (Author of Vivir sin nervios)

cuuda We have to believe in the bull festival as the surviving of a specie. In order for this to happen, animals die. Pensar un poco antes de abrir la boca. Without bullfighting they would have been extinct. Grow up you morons. These bulls are butchered and fed to the poor after the fights, so in 6 days a total of 36 bulls-worth of meat make it to the plates of people less fortunate than I. I mean, it is just a meaningless tradition as well I like caarmela San Fermin party, I like the runs with the bullsbut I’m not with the people who kills an animal that doesn’t have any opportunity to survive.

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Day in day out animals are led to a cowardly slaughter for your table. I am all for tradition though. Vamos su castellano me ha dejao de lao!! You never know, maybe the bulls spend years dreaming of this chance to stomp on some humans, drunk xarmela other wise.

Mientras tanto que cada uno se dedique a lo suyo. I would not say, the people there like so much toreos but I think they really love the festival of San Fermin where they meet a lot of old friends and go out and selebrate. I think the whole thing is terrible. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. You and the others who thinks it is fun to show your power over animals like this are really amazing. Y luego muere alguno en alguna corrida o encierro y la gente se alarma y escandaliza Que os parece si quedamos para matar a vuestro perro???

Not everybody exault the violence or torture the animals. The party is incredible.

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Criticar de cierta manera tradiciones de otras culturas diferentes a la nuestra, es caer en un peligroso etnocentrismo no hay mucha distancia a la xenofobia. Think that through carefully. Those are the only bovines left in the developed world that actually live live cows ought to.

Many predators will kill for pleasure, and many herbivores will kill out of spite.