Warhammer 40, Codex Black Templars. Version Nickname. Fourth edition. Alternate Names. Version Publisher. Games Workshop Ltd. Version Artist. The Black Templars are THE largest loyalist (“codex following”) chapter, . the back of the 4th edition Codex: Black Templars, the deployment map totals greater . The Black Templars use to have their own codex back in 4th and 5th edition ( someone will correct me if I’m wrong XD). But they have since.

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Not bad, considering that this configuration would have cost us points in the old codex and we would still be 1 Weapon Skill worse. Black Templars dreadnoughts now also have access to the dreaded Plasma Cannon for cheaper than the TL -Lascannon and who can resist a BS5 Plasmacannon in an edition where most power weapons can no longer hurt terminators?

Sell now – Have one to sell? The Siege Shield costs twice as much as the Dozer Blade, and while the Dozer Blade already does a solid job of minimizing danger to the vehicle when moving through difficult and dangerous terrain from High Marshal Helbrecht of the Black Templars. Email notifications for threads esition want to watch closely.


Where Crusader squads truly shine though, is the fact that they can now take an additional power weapon or power fist compared to their old Codex: They don’t have Relentless either – they have Slow and Purposeful. Consecrators – Sons of Medusa – Steel Confessors. Especially because the Multi-Melta is twin-linked. Which brings us back to the Chapter Master and why his close combat prowess is exactly what this unit needs to iron out its biggest weakness.

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Drop Pod Black Templar Drop Pods have received a boost in that while they cost the same amount of points as before, they are now Ballistic Skill 4. There are usually at least three Black Templar Crusades operating at any one time, although at one stage there were 14 known to the Imperium during the “Treachery of Dalmark”with each Crusade ranging in size from the deployment of a hundred Space Marines and their fleet support to Crusades containing several standard Codex Astartes companies.


However, you also get a Techmarine with a servo-harness who, while lacking the armory and servitor options in his own entry in the HQ section and also not being a character, still gives you the Blessing of the Omnissiah and Bolster Defenses special rules, as well as a flamer and plasma cutter to aid in your unit’s defence in case of emergency.

Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. Come the 6E Codex however, suddenly all their hatred for every psyker was scaled back to merely just being a hatred to all enemy psykers. See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.


Thanks a bunch, GW. The four MLs are also good against vehicles and MCs with 4 S8 AP3 krak missiles and lastly also pack a good punch against infantry with 4 small blast markers and to top it all off, are also safe to fire unlike the Plasma Cannonsso you can see why they are the costliest option as they really are a tournament-worthy jack of all trades, useful when you don’t know what you will be facing.

First off, his artwork looks a lot milder and tamer compared to the awesome full-page art featured in the Black Templars codex that made him look like a ferocious monster of unswerving zealotry.

In any case, they do not relinquish their Cidex Issue Ammunition as the combi-weapons can be either fired as Boltguns making use of the Special Issue Ammunition or once per game as the special weapons they are representing.

If you ask temmplars, it is: Give them a Multi-Melta and Melta and they can bust open a tank hidden behind an aegis defence line or a holo fielded Wave Serpent or a disruption podded Hammerhead the turn they arrive via deep-strike within melta range.

Fearless Conscripts that re-roll all failed hits in CC is truly terrifying. Still, I think this additional firepower can be used effectively to get cheap enemy light infantry out of foxholes that would otherwise almost make them as resilient as marines when being shot at. Vindicator For the same price as in the old codex, the Vindicator comes with searchlight and smoke launchers now, but we no longer have access to Power of the Machine Spirit anymore to turn it into a quasi-Fast Vehicle.


So why no Librarians? You can take 7 more Honor Guard, and with each additional HG you take, the Chapter Banner becomes that much more worth its points.

Blzck Keeps are built on most worlds conquered by the Black Templars, and are used as staging ground for Crusade forces and recruitment posts for the Chapter.

On hover fast skimmer mode, you can move upto 6″ and fire everything but only upto 2 missilesor upto 12″ and fire 3 weapons thanks to PotMS. International postage and import charges paid to Pitney Bowes Inc.

Games Workshop Warhammer 40, (40K) Chaos Space Marines codex (4th edition) | eBay

He corex an oath to prepare the Neophyte for his entry into the brotherhood that is the Chapter, teach him of its history, and guide him through its holy rites of worship to the Emperor. In the main, the High Marshal of the Black Templars is likely to receive only the highest-ranked petitioners, generally those with a temp,ars from the Senatorum Imperialis and therefore speaking with the direct authority of the High Lords of Terra and the Emperor Himself.

When the Commander is eition terminator armor, the points cost of the Lightning Claw and Thunder Hammer sink by 10 and 15 points respectively. What do you guys think of them? Before a battle, it is considered customary to renew one of these oaths, the individual vow serving as a focus on the particular aspect of the Battle-Brother’s duties considered to be necessary to ensure success for the overall Crusade.